Boys won’t be boys

At the Amsterdam Fringe festival 2018 I was part of the show of Rikkert van Huisstede; Boys won’t be boys

It is about the constraints we put on boys, manliness and masculinity, and the show was an open invitation to create more space for different forms of being a (hu)man.

Some of the other artists included Leendert Vooijce, Barry de Bruin,
Allard Medema, Lester Arias, Redouane Amine, REINDIER, Willem Wits, Frans Blokhuis

Read here an interview for his statement (dutch)

siba sahabi voor de documentary obscura

Obscura – a documentary


Inspired by the work of Alhazen, Siba Sahabi created her project Obscura. Documentary film by Chris Rijksen.

Concept: Siba Sahabi
Film: Chris Rijksen
Voice-over: Pim Bastian

Made possible by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Stichting Stokroos and the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo.


projecting identity expressions van debora dax en chris rijksen still

Projecting Identity Expressions – Director of Photography

6 OBJECTS – Projecting Identity Expressions

A concept developed and directed by Debora Dax

Alice Olsthoorn
Dionisis Argyropoulos-Ioannou (Dynno Dada)
Jeanine Eindhoven
Lilia Scheerder (Antoine Panaché)
Rover Valentijn
Sean-Claude Neufville
Debora Dax
Producer: Jella Lena van Eck
Director of Photography: Chris Rijksen
Edit: Jella Lena van Eck
Location Sound Recordist: Sebastian Iglesias
Sound Designer: Sebastian Iglesias
Music: Aki Spadaro
Special thanks to: Maik and Sylvia for their critical questions

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)

Dark Room Poetry

Darkrooms, for many people a place they never visited. For some people the place to experience a unique kind of intimacy. Stories from darkrooms often refer to (gay)men. Darkroom stories from women you don’t hear very often. That’s why we have 3 different stories from 3 different women who experienced a darkroom.

Director and Edit: Bart Peters
Production and Questions: Dorien Rozing
Camera and Grading: Chris Rijksen
Subtitles: Toby Chlosta
Produced in 2017

This series is selected by the Porn Film Festival Berlin.

[age restriction may apply from youtube]



zippora elders SSba salon

Thema-maand Gender SSBA-Salon

Zippora Elders wrote about being different on SSBA-Salon.


Onze redacteur Zippora Elders schreef het gastcommentaar op het thema van de maand december: gender (equality). Een krachtig pleidooi voor ontsnappen aan de norm. En een uitnodiging om na te denken over genderrollen en maatschappelijke opvattingen over wat hetero-normaal is.


Aan de bar van Café Schiller klaagde ik eens dat ik me niet begrepen voelde door bepaalde jongens. Dat ze zich zo ongenuanceerd en onzorgvuldig opstelden. De bevriende barkeeper zei: “Kun je je voorstellen dat je nooit hebt hoeven stilstaan bij hoe het is om ‘de ander’ te zijn? Dat maakt dus lomp.”

Dat zette me aan het denken. Ja. Ik ken de behoefte om mijn blanke, heteroseksuele mannen-vrienden uit te leggen hoe het is om regelmatig seksueel, seksistisch of racistisch (vaak tegelijk) benaderd te worden. Simpelweg om me minder eenzaam te voelen. Maar omgedraaid had ik het nog niet: wat doet het met je als je wél de norm bent?

festival vizualizator beograd steaming studs chris rijksen

Festival Vizualizator – Belgrade

So I made a blitz-visit to Beograd, Serbia, to be there for a the opening with my work at photofestival Vizualizator. I experienced an incredibly interesting conversation (that lasted almost two full days) about the power of photography, lgbtq-rights and diversity. I was able to show the Trans*tapes there, talk to people there and eat the acid cabbage. It was a blast, I did sleep 5 hours in two days, and I would totally continue this journey I went on.

I did show my work Gender as a Performance, and some of the Steaming Studs.

naked truth

Naked Truth #

Together with Jonah and Bart we started recording the Naked Truth. Videos where we answer questions, and giving the people that follow us on the internets a place to ask the questions they maybe are pondering upon. I’ll share a few of them here, you can see all of them on our FB-page

Jonah is talking about being vulnerable as visible trans*

I’m talking about what I might have lost in the process of transitioning.

Bart is talking about his ‘bubble of manliness’.

We all elaborate on the effects of testosterone.

Jonah on the T in LGBT acronym.



trans-tapes jackson

Trans*Tapes (2016)


The Trans*Tapes is a series of six short portraits about transgender people in the Netherlands. Released in 2015, it is the first of its kind in this region. While many narratives dealing with the topic ‘transgender’ tend to turn transgender people into subjects instead of humans, the Trans*Tapes focuses on strength, positivity and human resilience. The series broadens the narrative and reveals a more layered image of what it can mean to be transgender. These insightful portraits are first and foremost about the lives and journeys of strong individuals. Through their own nuanced stories, the six people featured in the Trans*Tapes provide a personal and diverse perspective of a label so often stereotyped.

The Trans*Tapes is an initiative started by three transmen; Bart Peters, Jonah Lamers and Chris Rijksen.

Together we form the collective: The Transketeers.

With different backgrounds, but similar views on life they decided to start this exciting collaboration.

After not feeling represented by the current narrative about transgender people, Bart, Chris and Jonah took action to make trans* people’s voices heard. Their mission is to inspire and empower young trans* people and provide their surrounding with a more well-rounded perspective of what their future could look like.

The Trans*Tapes are made with the financial support from the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Stichting Democratie en Media, Trutfonds and Stichting Ondersteboven.