Projecting Identity Expressions – Director of Photography

6 OBJECTS – Projecting Identity Expressions

A concept developed and directed by Debora Dax

Alice Olsthoorn
Dionisis Argyropoulos-Ioannou (Dynno Dada)
Jeanine Eindhoven
Lilia Scheerder (Antoine Panaché)
Rover Valentijn
Sean-Claude Neufville
Debora Dax
Producer: Jella Lena van Eck
Director of Photography: Chris Rijksen
Edit: Jella Lena van Eck
Location Sound Recordist: Sebastian Iglesias
Sound Designer: Sebastian Iglesias
Music: Aki Spadaro
Special thanks to: Maik and Sylvia for their critical questions

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)