As one of the organisers of the upcoming exhibition in the altes pfandhaus during the Photokina in Cologne. I would like to invite all who are interested to our special event on Sunday 25th September.
There will be a workshop figure drawing in the middle of the exhibition.
The exhibition is about gender, fluidity and performance and perception of gender and identity with work of Anja Schlamann, Chris Becher and Chris Rijksen.
Chris Rijksen, who also is featured with various self-portraits, will be the model for our figure drawing.

We will provide drawing equipment like paper, but we know most people are happier drawing with their own tools.

So, a quick recap:
What? Figure drawing
Where? Altes Pfandhaus
Kartäuserwall 20
50678 Köln
When? September 25, 16:00
How? Join and draw
Why? It’s great!

See you there!